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I have been writing stories for a number of years now. Advances on the internet now make it easy to share these, and I have listed some of my efforts below, with links to where you can read them.

I am also now a staff reviewer on Readwave, and am running the themed group of stories there entitled "Spiritual". If you have something to share, enter it on Readwave here -

Competition Entries

St. Gallen

The Tome of Souls has been hidden for centuries, but finding reference to it in a library in St. Gallen galvanizes Maddie Foxwell into a search for its secrets.

My first ever competition entry, entered in the Peirene Press Short Story Competition, details of which can be found here. Available to read on Readwave, here.

This is really the introduction to a much longer and more involved story, so I will persevere.

Stepping Out

Michael’s birthday marks the news that Old Earth has been found. His decision to try and join the exploration team changes his life, and his perspective on the universe, forever.

This story has been short-listed for inclusion in the Readwave Anthology.

Entered in the Hodderscape Sci-fi and Fantasy Competition, and available to read on Readwave, here.

Getting some great feedback on this one.

Other Stories

Death of a Kitten

A shocking discovery on the way to work, the head of a kitten on the pavement. Available to read on Readwave, this short story has provoked some strong reactions, mostly good ones! Take a read here.

Drawing From Life

A nervous teenager's first life drawing class brings out a talent he did not know he had, with strange consequences. Available to read on Readwave, here.

Warm, but Wounded

My latest addition, a short story about awaking to something inconceivable. Available to read on Readwave, here.

Fetcher the Fletcher

My first book is now complete. At least the writing bit!

I am now in the process of getting illustrations done and working out how I can publish it and sell the idea for the series of books I have planned into my target audience. I have also been asked if it could be used as a story for a puppet show. I'll let you know how that goes.

So, wish me luck with "The Adventures of Fetcher the Fletcher".