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Monsoon Tide

I have recently been an extra on set with the cast of the feature film Monsoon Tide by Nick Fletcher. It was a non-speaking part, but I am in shot for more than a passing glimpse in the final cut. They have also got a website with some details of the film at, a Twitter page @MonsoonTide and a Facebook page here.

My First Short

I recently showed my first short at the Godalming Film Society. It is a time-lapse movie of the putting up and taking down of the equipment required to show a film. It is only 9 minutes long, but was premiered on a big screen in front of an audience of about 70. Not bad for a first go.

Rugby Tour Video

I have also just completed a full length DVD of a tour that the Guildford U13 Teams went on to Gloucester. I did all the filming, video and sound editing, cover and label design. Photography was provided by Marek Plaskota. Delivered to the children as a memento of the tour.

Work In Progress

I currently have a screenplay for a short film in the final stages of development with most of the storyboarding complete and the majority of funding agreed for filming within a few months!

I also have a feature script in development with production company backing.

When I have something more to report, I will let you know.