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One evening, a while ago, a friend of mine who used to be in the business of inventing and producing board games asked me, "Why don't you have a go at making one?"

I was intrigued.

I have always enjoyed games and threw myself into the challenge of making a game that would stand up to play-testing by the professionals!

After one weekend of thinking, drawing and testing the game myself, writing the rules and making the demo version, I presented the game "Up In Arms" and sat back to receive judgement.

I then only had to refine some of the wording of the rules to make it into a very playable and easy to learn game which lots of people enjoy playing on a regular basis amongst my family and friends.

Is it commercially viable? Not sure yet, but I recently had a public play-test session with 12 people taking part. On the 35 question feedback form it scored a very healthy 3.92 out of 5 on its first outing, with comments such as:

"I love the collaborative feel of the game with 4 people."

"The strength of the game is that it can be played by players 10+ to adult."

I have been refining again, and am about to book the next session of play-testing to see if the new bits really enhance the game.

Seriously looking at manufacturing costs and the possibility of taking it to the Game Fair in Essen later in the year.